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Dewayne I.

Dewayne I.

Siding & stacked rock installation. Painted exterior door.

Near Abington Walk NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Kennesaw, GA - Siding & stacked rock installation. Painted exterior door.

Ben Hill Renovations is proud to serve the Cobb County city of Kennesaw, Georgia with professional residential and commercial renovation services. Kennesaw is a booming Cobb County city in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area about 25 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. The city has a growing population of over 30,000 people and is home to the famous, Kennesaw State University, which attracts many people directly or indirectly into the city. In many ways, the university serves as a cornerstone to the economy of the city surrounded by several living communities, city attractions, restaurants, and businesses that accommodate the dense population in and around campus. Whether you are a business owner and/or homeowner in Kennesaw, Georgia, Ben Hill Renovations is here for you when you need us. Learn more about our roofing and renovation services in Kennesaw here:

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It’s been said that being formally taught can make you a living, but being self-taught can make you a fortune, and for this reason, many, today, abandon the traditional route of going to school, seeking a degree, and they pursue those things that actually make them come alive, in order that they might teach themselves or learn as they immerse themselves into their work. Working for someone else may be great for a while, but sometimes people wrestle with the pull and allure of independence and entrepreneurship. People want to do things themselves. They want to teach themselves how to be successful, and this is made possible today, largely because of technology and the explosion of knowledge and information through the Internet. People dream big, because they feel they have access to great things. They can connect with friends, family, mentors, clients, and the whole world through the Internet. They can find information and training and quality impartation of knowledge concerning so many things just online. People learn how to do things that traditionally they would have had to depend on someone else to do, and this can either save them money or make them money. Either way, it’s alluring. It’s not necessarily easy, but it proves to be rewarding. If you need to learn how to do something big or small, it might just be on YouTube!

However, when it comes to roofing, there might be some things to consider before deciding you’re going to do it yourself. Sure, it’s great to be self-taught and have the desire for independence and the desire to save money, and you very well could, but here are some real-life facts to face. According to some studies, falls account for nearly 3/4 of deaths in roofing. Hundreds of people have fatal falls off roofs every year and the safety surrounding roofing hasn’t exponentially increased in the span of recent years. A significant number of fatal falls are just from 20 feet high or less not to mention even higher. Therefore, it’s no average do-it-yourself task. You can. It might turn out great! However, the risks are there and the statistics are sobering. Thus, do yourself a favor next time you need a roofer in Kennesaw! Let the professionals do the risky work and just sit back and enjoy a job well-done! To learn more about Ben Hill Renovations, your Kennesaw roofing company, read our About Page.

Ben Hill Renovations is based in Douglasville, Georgia and serves as the premier renovations company for all of Metro Atlanta. For more information on any of the Ben Hill Renovations services, contact us today to schedule a free educational home check-up and estimation by one of our highly trained home renovations experts.