Corinth Renovations

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Ben Hill Renovations is proud to serve the historic community of Corinth, Georgia with premier residential and commercial renovation services. Corinth, Georgia is at the southwestern tip of Coweta County. This city officially has only a small population of a little over 200 people, but at Ben Hill, we are proud to extend our services to the great folks of Corinth, and we enjoy revitalizing the homes and businesses that make up Corinth through the array of our services:

  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Exterior Renovations


Windows come in many shapes and sizes. Some people believe the bigger the better! Some believe small is nice. Some prefer circular and some prefer square. Some want windows low and some want windows high. It’s really all up to you and what you would like for your architectural design. The attracting thing about windows for many people is the light that floods in, and moreover, the scenic experience of looking out the window without actually being threatened by the elements of the outside world. The view is a big factor for many people. It is why people choose certain seats on a plane. It’s why people choose certain rooms in a hotel or certain rooms on a cruise. It’s evident that windows are esteemed highly when you see people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars more for a window amenity! Also, with more light coming in, there is a higher likelihood that at certain points of the day, turning on the light is not even necessary, and the electric bill drops as a result. The list of benefits goes on. What is your dream window? Contact us today!


Siding really grabs attention from street view or curbside. Renewing your siding can revitalize the body of your home or church or business in Corinth. Siding is also vital to protecting your home from external, outside elements, and if you see excessive deterioration of your siding, you may want to evaluate the quality of your siding and contemplate a total replacement of your siding. Some older siding materials were made without the same weather-resistance as newer, more improved siding materials.


Roofs are usually not thought of outside their cookie-cutter residential asphalt-shingle style. However, there are options galore for roofing materials and styles. There is wood roofing, metal roofing, synthetic tiles, clay tiles, stone coated roofs, and more. Find what matches your style. Compare and contrast benefits and repercussions of each and choose which one you would like.


Decks pop out! They literally stick out and literally stand out as an extension of your house or business building. Attractive decks say a great amount about the owners of the property. They represent the creative, artistic preference of the owners. Sure, many people just passively stick with the cookie-cutter decks that are provided when the general contractors built their neighborhood or built their home, but why stop with the minimalistic, unoriginal design of the contractors. Build your own!

Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations of any kind in Corinth is our specialty!

Ben Hill Renovations is based in Douglasville, Georgia and serves as the premier renovations company for all of Metro Atlanta. For more information on any of the Ben Hill Renovations services, contact us today to schedule a free educational home check-up and estimation by one of our highly trained home renovations experts.