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It took a little longer than we would have liked once we signed the contract to set up a date to get started, But once the job started everything was great and we were very happy with the results. Adam was on site every day to make sure all our questions were answered and that everything was going well. They did a great job of cleaning up afterwards.

Daniel  C.

Daniel C.


Near Camden Lake Pointe NW, Acworth, GA 30101
Adam B.

Adam B.

House repairs completed in Acworth, Ga

Near Pickett's Crossing, Acworth, GA 30101
Dewayne I.

Dewayne I.


Near Merrimac Ct NW, Acworth, GA 30101
Daniel  C.

Daniel C.

Roof replacement completed in Acworth, Ga

Near Babbling Brook NW, Acworth, GA 30102
Acworth, GA - Roof replacement completed in Acworth, Ga
Dewayne I.

Dewayne I.


Near Niagara Dr, Acworth, GA 30102

Ben Hill Renovations is proud to serve the West Atlanta suburban city of Acworth, Georgia with premier residential and commercial renovation services. Acworth is a Cobb County city northwest of Atlanta that sits at the foothills of North Georgia mountains with an estimated population of over 28,000 people in the city. Like its bordering neighbor, the city of Kennesaw, Acworth is home to a diverse variety of families and businesses. Acworth is sometimes nicknamed “Lake City,” because it sits at the south bank of Lake Allatoona and Lake Acworth both of which attract tourists and locals alike.

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Acworth Windows

Having your windows in a compromised state creates a great number of complications that are undesirable. For one, it affects aesthetic. To have a crack or misalignment doesn’t look good at all. However, maybe that doesn’t apply to you. Maybe your windows don’t have any cracks or misalignment, but perhaps you have something more subtle like a fault in your windows ability to insulate the inside from the outside world. This too can affect aesthetic eventually, because a poorly insulated window allows humidity and temperature of the outside world inside your home or business, and as a result, allows for the build-up of condensation on your windows and the potential for mold and mildew to grow and fester as well. However, aesthetic is not your only worry. Having a compromised window in any of those ways may also run up your electric bill! Because anything that threatens your windows ability to insulate, is consequently, working in opposition against the efforts of your central heating or air or any other electrically-run HVAC devices you use. If that wasn’t bad enough, poor windows can also be a culprit of allowing and/or attracting bugs into your home. Firstly, cracks, damage, or misalignment can serve as potential avenues for them to come inside your home, and failure to insulate can bring the humidity of outside inside, and bugs love humidity! Therefore, the ultimate lesson here is that none of this has to apply to you. When you get quality window replacement with Ben Hill Renovations, you can rest assured our new Vinylmax windows will go a long way in serving you and your family or business!

Acworth Siding

Truly, the only way you can get around upkeeping your home’s siding is if you already have a fully brick or stone house or some other build type that isn’t subject to or reliant on siding like the average home. If so, kudos to you. However, if that’s not the case and you are in fact in the high percentage of people that must concern about their siding, Ben Hill Renovations is your go-to for all quality siding repair and replacement.

Acworth Roofs

A good roof is something to not only feel proud about, but something to feel safe about. Once a house has a strong foundation and a strong roof, the rest of its features become supporting actors. A good roof is no luxury. It’s a necessity, and one that can really add to the entire look and integrity of the home when done right.

Acworth Decks

If you want your front or back deck redone, there’s one name you can trust in Acworth, Ben Hill Renovations! We want to make your deck personalized to your taste in shape, size, layout, and material.

Acworth Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations of any kind in Acworth is our specialty!

Ben Hill Renovations is based in Douglasville, Georgia and serves as the premier renovations company for all of Metro Atlanta. For more information on any of the Ben Hill Renovations services, contact us today to schedule a free educational home check-up and estimation by one of our highly trained home renovations experts.