Scott Baggett

Meet Scott Baggett

Renovations Specialist

Welcome to the Ben Hill Renovations Team

A graduate of Douglas County High School, Scott Baggett has been in the Home Renovations business for 32 years. Most of those years have been spent working in the installation process of home renovations. He has spent the last 7+ years on the sales team at Ben Hill Renovations.

Scott considers the most important thing in the Home Renovations process is to be on time. Be on time to meet with your customers. Be on time to deliver estimates. Be on time to finish their Home Renovation projects. Then, maybe they will be on time to reward you for a job well done and recommend you to their friends for future Home Renovation projects!

Besides the obvious experience and expertise, Scott excels in helping people with problems, especially with insurance claims.

If not with his customers, you can find Scott with his family. His ultimate goals are to be the best dad and employee that he can possibly be.

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