Ed Blanchard

Meet Ed Blanchard

Service Manager

Welcome to the Ben Hill Renovations Team

Ed Blanchard has been beating the pavement for Home Renovations since 1989. He has been affiliated with Ben Hill Roofing and Renovations for well over a decade. He has vast amounts of experience as a service manager, running big crews and guiding them to produce well beyond their individual capabilities.

Ed’s earnestness and professionalism cause him to be well-liked by his co-workers, management, and project crews, as well as homeowners. In fact, his favorite part of an entire renovation project is the moment of exhilaration he sees in the eyes of homeowners, after he and his crew have completed a successful renovation.

When he’s not working, Ed enjoys hunting, camping, or being outside with his family. He also enjoys coaching, and often coaches is children’s recreational sports teams. He also has a heart for any charity project that is designed to help families in need. He also enjoys mission projects where he helps build churches in areas that cannot afford to have a church.

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