Douglasville Wood Shake Roofers

Traditional, Wood Shake Roofs provide unmatched beauty and a dimensional appearance that has yet to be matched by synthetic roofing material. Wood Shake installation is nearly a lost art since the skill set required for installation is much more advanced in comparison to modern asphalt shingles.

Wood Shake Roofs are Eco-friendly, renewable, versatile, and can easily enhance curb appeal in a way asphalt shingles simply cannot. Wood shakes provide a unique and natural look for the perfect house.

With proper installation and regular maintenance a Wood Shake Roof can last up to 25 years.

Traditional wood shakes and shingles have many advantages including the inherent beauty of real wood. Although uniformly installed, each shingle has its own character, color, and texture. This is a look most shingle manufacturers have been trying to duplicate for nearly a century.

Benefits of wood shake and shingles:

  • Natural beauty
  • Added value to your home
  • Naturally insect and UV ray resistant
  • Excellent performance in extreme weather
  • Natural insulator: lowering energy bills
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

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