Douglasville Spectra Shield Gutters

Dirty, clogged gutters can damage your home. The repairs from this damage can be very costly. Also, maintenance on gutters can be time consuming and dangerous. Spectra Shield has a drip design that acts as a water diverter, so excess water never touches the front of your gutters. No more dirty looking gutters.

No other aluminum shield prevents water damage to gutters like Spectra Shield!

How Spectra Shield Works

It’s all in the protective hood that first stops leaves and other clogging debris from entering into the gutter. Our specially designed ribs help slow water flow and allow for leaves and debris to be properly discarded.

The Spectra Shield Difference

  • Made of .027 Gauge Metal. The thickest metal used on any shield.
  • No more clogged gutters.
  • No more gutter cleaning.
  • Protects Basement and Foundation.
  • Installs on 6” Gutters.
  • Clip on system means no bolting to the roof.
  • No ugly brackets.
  • Special Spectra Shield channel prohibits birds from nesting, as well as keeps debris away.
  • 24 matching Colors. Gives us more ways to match your roof color.
  • Custom installation.

As the proud manufacture of this great product, Ben Hill ensures that our standards of customer satisfaction are met by requiring that every piece of Spectra Shield is custom made by your local Spectra Shield Authorized Dealer.

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