Atlanta Siding Energy Savings

Interested in increasing the Energy Savings of your Metro Atlanta or West Georgia Home? Let the professionals from Ben Hill Renovations help you explore Atlanta Siding Energy Savings, and more!

Atlanta Siding Energy Savings from Metro Atlanta and West Georgia’s Siding Pros – Ben Hill Renovations

You may find yourself asking, “How in the world can a renovation company help me with energy bill savings?” We have a very easy answer! When your home’s exterior is more structurally sound, you stand a much-improved chance at lowering your total energy costs through every Metro Atlanta or West Georgia weather season! At Ben Hill Renovations we are able to assist you in lowering your Energy Bills in 4 different areas: windows, roofing, siding, and insulation. For the purposes of this section, let’s explore a little more about the advantages of Home Siding Energy Savings!

Siding Energy Savings You Can Rely on from your Premier Metro Atlanta Siding Energy Savings Company!

With today’s advances in technology and innovation, there is no reason to have a home without insulated siding. Unfortunately, many older homes were constructed with outdated technology. Homes with wood lap siding, hollow back vinyl siding, or uninsulated fiber cement siding can all allow significant amounts of energy loss through the walls of your home. This dramatically reduces your home’s ability to save on energy costs, and will run up your bill in a hurry!

Perhaps the most efficient way to side your home today is by using composite vinyl siding with foam core fully insulated panels. Installed using a breathable house wrap, fully insulated composite vinyl siding gives the most energy efficient way to cover the exterior walls of your home.

What are the BENEFITS of professionally installed, energy saving Home Siding?

  • Lower heating & cooling bills. Once again, saving you MONEY!
  • Improved comfort inside your home.
  • Allows your home to “breathe” properly with a state-of-the-art moisture management system. Decreases the possibility of mold & mildew in your home’s wall system.
  • Works in unison with other energy efficient measures (new windows, new roof & ventilation system) to reduce your overall energy costs.
  • Lowers costs on your HVAC mechanicals because your home is more efficient. This allows your HVAC system to work less and requires less maintenance and/or repairs.

As Douglasville and Metro Atlanta’s Siding Replacement Company, Ben Hill Renovations can guide you through the decision process of which siding choice fits your home the best. As you probably know, even the best Home Siding products won’t properly insulate your home if they’re installed by anything less than professionals who know how to get your Home Siding installed right! Ben Hill Renovations knows how to Install your Siding with Energy Savings in mind!

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