Atlanta Redwood Decks

If you live in Metro Atlanta or West Georgia, and you’re interested in new, custom-built Redwood Decks or Cedar Decks for your home, look no further than Ben Hill Renovations! FREE ESTIMATES!

Atlanta Redwood Decks and Atlanta Cedar Decks from Metro Atlanta’s Leader – Ben Hill Renovations!

Ben Hill Renovations understands that redwood is a remarkable deck material in almost every way. Let’s explore some of the major virtues of Redwood Decking materials, and why you should get them installed by your leading Metro Atlanta Redwood Decks provider, Ben Hill Renovations! Here are some great things about Redwood Decks!

  • It is very stable
  • It is straight and resists warping
  • Its heartwood is naturally resistant to wood boring insects and weathering without preservatives or chemicals.

One of the characteristics of redwood is that if left unfinished redwood will initially turn black and then slowly turn into a silver gray. It is highly stable, making it less likely to cup and warp than treated wood. It is prized for its low shrinkage rate, minimizing any splitting. Noted for its longevity, redwood can last up to about 30 years on a well-maintained deck under good circumstances.

Why choose a Redwood Deck from Ben Hill Renovations – Your Atlanta Redwood Decks Specialists?

  • Redwood consistently delivers natural beauty and durability
  • Redwood maintains its natural beauty and structural integrity with limited maintenance
  • Redwood stays cool and steady under-foot all summer long
  • Redwood has a natural resistance to shrinking, warping and checking
  • Redwood decking stores more carbon than is emitted over its entire life cycle
  • Redwood decking can be repeatedly restored with minimal effort and cost

The warmth and rich luxury of genuine Atlanta redwood decks adds great value to your home.

Why Choose a Cedar Deck from the Leader of Atlanta Cedar Decks Installation? Let’s Find Out!

  • It is dimensionally stable meaning that it lays flat and stays straight.
  • It has even grain and consistent density, making it less likely to warp, cup, or twist.
  • It’s fragrant, dark-colored heartwood naturally resists rot and insect infestation in outdoor environments without the need for preservative chemicals.
  • It has a rich warm aesthetic quality offering a range of natural hues, tight grain patterns, and soft textures.

Similar to redwood, fresh cut cedar will come in a wide range of honey/peach shades of light brown and when exposed to weather it will change in color to silver gray. Cedar’s heat resistant properties allow it to stay cool to the touch in summer heat. Cedar is typically more available and less expensive than redwood and composite decking.

Cedar is similar to redwood as both are from the same family of trees. Cedar however is more tensile strength than redwood meaning that it can flex more without shattering and is also less dense and has less natural oil that make it easier to accept stain.

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